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New Sudan
Youth Centre

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New Sudan Youth Centre Welcome to NSYC

“Children, after all, are not just adults in the making. They are people whose current needs and rights and experiences must be taken seriously”. – Alfie Kohn

Message from the Board

South Sudan is one of the leading countries in the world where children are living in difficult conflict and post-conflict situations because of an ongoing war that has ravaged villages and left many people displaced.

According to a study conducted by UNICEF, “Out of 3.4 million babies born in South Sudan since it became the world’s youngest country in 2011; 2.6 million have been born in war.”

The conflict that children are exposed to also includes constant communal fights for cattle, ancestral lands and grazing land among the cattle keeping communities. This has been further aggravated by the recurrent escalations of conflict between government and dissident forces, which has destabilized the conflict affected areas and resulted in the killing of innocent civilians, destruction of property, and extensive displacement of people inside and outside South Sudan.

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