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Our Centre

New Sudan Youth Centre (NSYC) is an initiative aimed at doing everything possible within our means and drawing from our life experiences, to ensure that the rights of children are protected, even in conflict and post-conflict, so that they can have hope for a bright future, as leaders of tomorrow.

NSYC shall spearhead a number of initiatives and interventions to combat the above-mentioned challenges facing children in conflict and post-conflict situations, by conducting awareness about the plight of these children, lobbying for support to address their needs, advocating for their rights to be recognized and respected, and campaigning against violence, abuse and exploitation of these innocent children.


“Jiëëng Foundation envisions a Jiëëng people who are united, progressive, productive, prosperous and peaceful.”



“Jiëëng Foundation seeks to provide a platform that preserves, enhances, promotes and develops Jiëëng peoples’ way of life.”

Our Objectives

  • To receive suffering children in need of help at the NSYC, especially those affected by conflict, keep them in a safe and well secured environment, where they will have the confidence not to live in fear of being harmed and abused, accord them due parental care and the opportunity to live in a family setting with other children, where they are provided with the basic needs of life: food, shelter, healthcare and education.
  • The NSYC   shall have sports facilities and amenities to encourage the children to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities, so that they can have a holistic growth, be physically fit and also to enable them to identify and nurture their talents to full potential, so that they can excel in various fields, for their personal benefit and the benefit of the entire nation.
  • The NSYC shall also have practical livelihood and youth empowerment programs, like farming, animal husbandry, brick making, masonry, carpentry and tailoring, among others, to empower the youth with the necessary life skills for them to be productive and resourceful to their communities and the nation.
  • To raise awareness about the suffering and hardship of children in conflict and post-conflict situations, and to advocate for their rights to be recognized and respected, while drumming up support from the government, development partners and well-wishers to arise to the cause of supporting the welfare of children in conflict and post-conflict situations.

Core Values

  • Demonstrate compassion to the children, so that they experience the love and care of growing up in a family and embody the same values when they grow up.
  • At the NSYC, we are driven by dedication and commitment to the cause of supporting children to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, working passionately to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in life and realize their dreams.
  • At the NSYC, discipline is paramount, as a fundamental pillar for ensuring order, and children are brought up with the ideals of hard-work, punctuality and utmost respect for rules and regulations, so that they grow up to become hard-working, responsible and law-abiding citizens.
  • Diversity is one of our core values at the NSYC, to bring up the children as one family of South Sudanese, regardless of ethnicity, to foster unity and solidarity among the people of South Sudan.
  • At the NSYC, we ensure that all our personnel observe and maintain high ethical standards in all their operations, activities and interaction with the children, and demonstrate impeccable integrity, to safeguard and keep the reputation of the Centre above reproach and to serve as role models for the children under their care, so that the children will grow up to observe and reflect the same values.
  • All operations at the NSYC, activities and transactions, are carried out with utmost transparency and accountability to all the relevant stakeholders, to maintain the credibility of the Centre and cultivate the same values among the children.