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What We Do

One of the key target groups for the NSYC is former child soldiers, to be demobilized and integrated in to the Centre, counseled, organized, and provided with the basic needs of life, including education and health services, while being empowered with farming skills and other practical vocational skills, like brick making, masonry, carpentry, among others, to empower them with the necessary livelihood skills required to succeed in life and effectively contribute to the nation building process.

  • NSYC shall be open to receive underprivileged children, who are disadvantaged in one way or another, especially those who have been abandoned by their parents or whose parents are not in position to provide for them the basic needs of life so that they can achieve their full potential and to the benefit of their families and the entire nation.
  • Another target group of the NSYC is children with disabilities and special needs, whom the Centre shall support in a special way to provide the basic needs of life as far as possible, so that they are also given the opportunity to develop to their full mental and physical capacity, and grow up into resourceful and productive citizens, with fundamental life and livelihood skills, to effectively support themselves and their families, while contributing to the nation building process.
  • NSYC is also targeting to mobilize and bring together unaccompanied minors so that they can have the opportunity to be raised and nurtured in a family setting, orphans so that they can be given the opportunity to receive love and care and to grow up in a family setting, as one family of South Sudanese children, and street kids to end the destabilization of communities.
  • The rehabilitation process shall help to provide healing and support effective transformation of children from all manner of difficult backgrounds to grow up and become responsible and productive citizens, who are beneficial to the nation and can effectively support and actively contribute to the nation building process.